A Gundagai local, Mason has worked with the Conservation and Landscape Ecology Group for over 15 years. In 1997 Mason undertook a Bachelor of Applied Science (Parks, Recreation & Heritage) at Charles Sturt University. During his undergraduate studies and for a short time following, Mason worked casually as a ranger with National Parks, and also with David Lindenmayer's team of researchers at The Australian National University. In 2000, this work progressed into a full time position with the University.

Initially charged with the set up and field management for the South West Slopes Restoration Study, Mason has managed and assisted several projects such as the Nanangroe Natural Experiment and Jervis Bay Fire Study. A seasoned field ecologist, Mason has vast knowledge of Australian flora and fauna, particularly with regard to forest and woodlands. He now runs the field operations for the South West Slopes Restoration Study while assisting the team’s other studies across south-eastern Australia.

Mason has investigated the demographics, home range, and behaviour of Squirrel Gliders in the South West Slopes as part of his PhD with The Australian National University. Additionally, Mason is involved in restoration of Box Gum Grassy Woodlands in the Western Slopes area and also has a deep understanding of landholders and agricultural practices. Mason also assists Gundagai Bushcare Group and Riverina Highlands Landcare network, and manages a small farm.