Research Papers

Every year our team produces many articles which are published in peer-reviewed journals.

Below is a series of books and journal publications produced based on our long term ecological monitoring projects.

Links to abstracts, publisher pages, and other free online materials have been supplied where possible.

Top 5

Australia’s biodiversity crisis and the need for the Biodiversity Council.

Ecological Management and Restoration. (Dielenberg, J.,….LINDENMAYER, D.B. et al.)

Temporal trends in reptile occurrence among temperate old-growth, regrowth and replanted woodlands.

PLOS One 18, e0291641 (LINDENMAYER, D.B., Florance, D. Smith, D., Crane, C., Siegrist, A., Lang, E., Crane, M., Michael, D.R., Scheele, B.C. and Evans, M.J.)

Environmental variables influence patterns of mammal co-occurrence following introduced predator removal.

PLoS ONE 18(11): e0292919 (Kanishka, A., Blanchard, W., Lavery, T.H., Robinson, N., Dexter, N., Dickman, C.R., MacGregor, C., and LINDENMAYER, D.B.)

Right Fire for Right Country; integrating First Nations knowledge and Western Science in land management.

Ecological Management and Restoration. (Bowd, E. and LINDENMAYER, D.B.)

Substantial and increasing global losses of timber-producing forest due to wildfires

Nature GeoScience 16, 1145-1150 (Bousfield, C., LINDENMAYER, D.B., and Edwards, D. Major)

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