The Short-beaked Echidna is sometimes spotted on our long term monitoring sites.

Twice a year the team produces a newsletter to ensure that all participating landholders and research partners are up to date with our research. Typically a newsletter will include greetings from the editor (Mason Crane), study news from the past six months, critter files, a feature piece, planned fieldwork for the next six months, and staff profiles. Please click on the links below to access the newsletters.

June 2015, Issue 17

Featuring; Forb enhancement study, Noisy Miner study, team training, and study news.


December 2014, Issue 16

Featuring; Brown-blazed Wedgesnout, study news, and Damian Michael staff profile.


June 2014, Issue 15

Featuring: what snake is that?, Superb Parrot, study news and Thea Shell staff profile.


December 2013, Issue 14

Featuring: White-browed Woodswallow, Nanangroe nest predation study, study news, artificial bark trial.


June 2013, Issue 13

Featuring: Common Spadefoot, bird breeding success study at Nanangroe, study news, and Wade Blanchard staff profile.


December 2012, Issue 12

Featuring: Indian Myna, study news, snake behavior, and Dan Florance staff profile.


June 2012, Issue 11

Featuring: Common Dunnart, study news, Thurgoona bioblitz, Mason Crane staff profile and community engagement events.


December 2011, Issue 10

Featuring: Study news, farewell from Rebecca Montague-Drake,  David Blair staff profile and communication events or products.


June 2011, Issue 9

Featuring: Study news, nestbox insights, rediscovery of Brush-tailed Phascogale in the South West Slopes, Geoff Kay staff profile and communication events or products.


December 2010, Issue 8

Featuring: New book Forest Phoenix, study news, surveying for reptiles, nestbox survey, and Scott Lucas staff profile.


June 2010, Issue 7

Featuring: publication titles from 2010, study news, nestbox study, birds and the Black Saturday fires, roadkill Tiger Quoll, and an introduction to main field staff.


December 2009, Issue 6

Featuring: publication titles from 2009, Rufous Bettong bone discovery, regrowth and reptiles, study news, birds and shrubs, recent grants, and David Lindenmayer staff profile.


May 2009, Issue 5

Featuring: Communication events, study news, biometric assessments, and Lachie McBurney staff profile.


December 2008, Issue 4

Featuring: Communication events and books, study news, White-browed Woodswallow, granite outcrops, Sachiko Ellicott staff profile.


July 2008, Issue 3

Featuring: Communication events, study news, barbed wire, baby news, and Rachel Muntz staff profile.


October 2007, Issue 2

Featuring: Communication events and products, study news, field transport, Olive Legless Lizard, Carpet Python, and Chris MacGregor staff profile.


April 2007, Issue 1

Featuring: Communication events and products, study news, Diamond Firetail, hazards of fieldwork,  Rebecca Montague-Drake and Suzie Bond staff profiles.