The Salvage Logging Experiment was set up in 2010 following the Black Saturday bushfire in 2009.  Salvage logging is the process of salvaging trees from burnt areas that were previously available to timber harvesting before the fire.  For a short period of time following a fire, the standing fire killed trees still retain some timber value.  There are some prescriptions surrounding the size of coupe areas and protection of gullies, as well as the retention of small patches/islands within some clearfell areas.

This project aimed to investigate the value of these patches for biodiversity values in a salvage logged landscape.  With our knowledge from the Variable Retention Harvesting Experiment, we used the same blocked design of treatments.   Each of the 28 coupes has either:

  • Small patch
  • Large patch
  • Traditional clearfelled salvage coupe
  • Control (unharvested burnt forest of similar age)

We survey for birds and vegetation, including tree fall dynamics.  This experiment is ongoing.