Born in Japan, Sachiko studied a Bachelor of Environmental Science, commencing in 2004 at the University of Newcastle. On completion of her degree, Sachiko moved to Sydney to work in bush regeneration. During this time, she was also actively involved in volunteer work with the Conservation Volunteers, Greening Australia and the National Parks Association of NSW.

Sachiko was employed as a research officer in 2009 to assist the research team with data management and field monitoring. She very quickly became skilled at bird, reptile and mammal identification, and also very proficient at maintaining project databases.

Currently Sachiko manages the Nanangroe Natural Experiment, a long-term project that monitors changes in faunal assemblages as pine plantations replace grazing in the landscape. She also assists with the group’s other long-term research projects across south-eastern Australia and is integral to the team’s database management. This involves regular bird, reptile, and mammal surveys, as well as vegetation assessments.

Sachiko is also undertaking a Masters degree in Science at The Australian National University, studying the effects of surrounding land uses on breeding ecology of songbirds in woodland remnants in a landscape transforming from grazing farms to pine plantations.